Apache Brown Boulders

 Apache Brown Boulders are a light tan to medium brown in color, with cream,  and grey throughout  boulder. appears to have a leathery texture. 


Brown Ripple Boulder

Brown Ripple Boulder has deep browns and gray colors with maroon under tones. This boulder has rougher sides and some square edges.

Cal-gold Boulders

Cal Gold Boulders

Cal Gold Boulders are quarried from Southern California in bulk. This Boulder is sunny beige to golden tan in color with white tones.

Surface Select Boulders

Surface Select Boulders

The Surface Select Boulder is Arizona's most popular boulder used in landscapes. It is gold, light brown and has black flakes throughout. It also has a native appearance and naturally rounded edges making this Boulder perfect for any landscape. 

Table Mesa Boulders

Table Mesa Boulders

Table Mesa Boulder is a beautiful blend of dark rich browns with marroon accents. This boulder is unique in appearance and has been said to look like petrified .